The Miracle Theater / Wax Museum

Short operas by Hans Werner Henze and Karl Amadeus Hartmann
Musiktheater im Revier 2022

"Often dissimulation succeeds so well, that even the truth fades away."
Premchand, Indian writer

The more than 60 figures in the double evening "The Miracle Theater / Wax Figure Cabinet" are tried and tested in this discipline. They set up a house-high facade of their own selves, disguise themselves, sometimes in front of the audience - with winning smiles or in constant fear of having the mask torn off.

Moon Music

An Performance Triptych
Neuköllner Oper - Berlin 2021

A contemplative-interactive performance series in which music and moon phases, forgotten myths, rites and tales connect with body, mind and soul to mobilize new forces. It’s springtime, after all! On three evenings from January to March, we move from dark to light, from winter to the beginning of spring, from protective space to open field, and ultimately from valley to hill – from the Neukölln Opera House to the Kiez Chapel and onto the fields of the Princess Garden at the New St. Jacobi Cemetery.
Stage design for the opera "Departure" - New Scenes IV - Ivan Ivanov - Deutsche Oper Berlin

New Scenes IV

An Opera Triptych
Deutsche Oper - Berlin 2019

Longing and simultaneously fear have linked mankind to the sea since its beginnings. It was the place of the unknown and unexplored, where never-before-seen monsters were suspected in the depths of the sea, where the journey out into the water desert was an adventure with an uncertain outcome. At the same time, the sea stands for the experience of the infinite and the sublime, for the departure of man into previously unknown worlds. And at the same time, the depths of the sea are ciphers for the world of the subconscious, for the abysses and shadows of the human psyche.
Stage design for the Opera for children "Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg" - Ivan Ivanov - Bayreuth Festival 2019

Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg

Opera for children
Bayreuth Festival 2019

A version of Richard Wagner's “Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg” specially created for children as part of the “Wagner for Children” project.

Stage design for the opera "Tako Tsubo" - New Scenes III - Ivan Ivanov - Deutsche Oper Berlin

New Scenes III

An Opera Triptych
Deutsche Oper - Berlin 2017

The springboard into the creative process is provided by the legend-mongering surrounding the superdeep drilling project on Russia’s Kola Peninsula, where the talk is of a bore hole so deep that it has broken through to hell itself. The three works of musical theatre explore three very different instances of drilling. The theme can be interpreted in the widest possible sense and one work might, for example, look at the act of drilling into a human body to remove a human heart or the drilling of holes in the air. Drilling as a way to shed light on something leads to questions relating to the transparency of the individual, surveillance made possible by the collection of data, etc.
The Big Ace-Dur Christmas Show - Stage Design - Ivan Ivanov - Tipi am Kanzleramt-Berlin - Music & Comedy Show

The Big Ace-Dur Christmas Show

Musik & Comedy Show
Tipi am Kanzleramt - Berlin 2017

With their big Christmas show - the ultimate tip on the cap of the ingenious music-comedy duo "Ace-Dur" - Benedikt Zeitner and Dominik Wagner invite you to a very special sleigh ride that combines music, comedy, history and spirituality in an inimitably funny way!
Sarg Niemals Nie - A musical to die laughing - Bar jeder Vernunft, Tipi am Kanzleramt, Berlin - Stage Design - Ivan Ivanov

Sarg Niemals Nie

A musical to die laughing
Bar jeder Vernunft - Berlin 2015

Ashes to ashes - a bankrupt funeral home pushes its way back into the profit zone through a morally questionable idea: they mix the ashes of the deceased in tobacco and sell this explosive mix as an underground drug: Mr. Schmitt as a shit! It works as long as the police spoil the game. And in the middle of it a magical love story ...
Set and costume design for the play "The Dumb Waiter" by Harold Pinter - Ivan Ivanov

The Dumb Waiter

Theater play for TV
HFF Potsdam - 2011

“The next strange city, the next cold room, the next unsuspecting victim. The two men Ben and Gus have been waiting for the arrival of their next victim for hours. The next person to enter the room should be it.“

Text: Harold Pinter