Life is a dream - Stopmotion film based on the play by Pedro Calderon de la Barca
Basilius is the owner and manager of the leading market science corporation “Basilius Science Industry”. He is not only the absolute authority when it comes to science and research, but also regarding questions of security and law. However Basilius has grown old and is in search for a successor who can carry on his legacy. His first choice is his son and only heir, Sigismund. But because of reasons foretold by the stars that his son will ruin the company, Basilius had Sigismund imprisoned since birth. Only Clotald, the head of security, knows of this and together Basilius and Clotald make a plan to secure an heir.

Idea and animation: Ivan Ivanov & Nelson Jamal
Sound design: Kevin Podehl
Music: Kevin Podehl, Ivan Ivanov
Duration: 15 Min.

Master coursework – Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissensee 2018
After the editing of the text and the designing of the different elements, the figures were built from black cardboard as puppets and recorded using stop-motion methods. The images of the individual scenes were cut out of colored cardboard and later animated during the digital post production.